Its origins date back to the first half of the last century, in Latin America. But it was only in the 1980s that it began to spread to Italy, starting in some southern regions, and then aroused growing interest throughout the country (its admirers include, for example, Giulio Andreotti and Luciano Pavarotti). This is the calling card of burraco, a card game similar to canasta that today counts thousands of enthusiasts, for which the “Amici di Castello2 Association has decided to organise two evenings in the town centre (via Testaferrata) to play outdoors under the stars.

The first date is Thursday 11 July, with the games starting at 9:00 p.m. The initiative, which enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Castelfiorentino, is open to all (enthusiasts and beginners) and to participate simply register, while places are available (tables have been set up along the street) by contacting the following numbers +39 3409820923 (Giuseppina) or +39 3335334417 (Gabriella).

Rich prizes will be up for grabs and a mid-race snack will be provided.

The second event is scheduled for Thursday 18 July.

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