Sunday, Nov. 20 grand finale for the medieval festival in Castelfiorentino (FI) with historical parades and the reenactment of the “signing” between Florence and Siena. Plus Iron Tower parade, medieval market and ancient crafts, medieval encampment, games, dances, workshops, falconry.

Grand finale for the Medieval Festival in Castelfiorentino (FI) where tomorrow will be held the historical re-enactment of the “Peace” stipulated in November 1260 after the bloody battle of Montaperti, between Guelph Florence and Ghibelline Siena.

The event, a true plunge into the past, will kick off in the morning, with the medieval and ancient crafts market (downtown streets and Piazza Cavour), the setting up of a medieval encampment in the former arena gardens, and the craft market in Piazza Kennedy, where for the entire day there will also be falconry demonstrations and shows. At 11 a.m. the parade of Iron Tower “fighters” is scheduled, who with their 13th-15th century armor will move from Kennedy Square to Gramsci Square, with a final remembrance of Carlo Desideri (president of the association, a young man from Castelfiorentino who died prematurely this year), while in the afternoon, in addition to the medieval combat tournament in his memory that will resume in Pala ABC, there are medieval games (Kennedy Square), medieval dances (Gramsci Square, Leccio area) and – from 3. 30 – the historical processions of the Republic of Florence and the Agresto Association of Monteriggioni, which from Piazza Gramsci will go through the streets and squares of the center until they arrive in Piazza del Popolo (about 4 p.m.) welcomed by the “brass concert” of the School of Music.

After the arrangement of the processions, there will then be the military salute and speeches by the authorities: Luciano Fazzi representing the City of Siena, Michele Pierguidi representing the City of Florence, Alessio Falorni (Mayor of Castelfiorentino)

The ceremony will continue with the solemn sounding of the Chiarinas and the signing of the Peace Agreements. Medieval music and a performance by the flag-wavers (Bandiers of the Uffizi) will seal this moment of newfound “concord” between the two rival factions and cities,. The historical processions will then resume their journey through all areas of the festival, from the streets of the center to the main squares (Piazza Kennedy, Piazza Cavour, Piazza Gramsci). A grand finale is planned in Gramsci Square with a new performance by the flag-wavers.

For detailed info on the program: Castelfiorentino tourist office (0571.629049) and